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Hook-Um Dano Ladder Lock Customer Testimonials


We welcome your comments. If you have pictures or make a video please feel free to send them and we will be happy to post them with your comments.

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I just love your Hook-Um Dano Ladder Locks. I am a Radon Mitigation Contractor working up in Canada and I am often driving around with ladders on my truck.

My biggest worry before I bought your ladder locks was the possibility of getting my ladders stolen. Used to have to chain them down all the time which was time consuming, noisy and awkward.... With your ladder locks, everything is a breeze and I feel much safer driving around knowing that your ladder locks really clamp down the ladders unto my roof racks making for a real solid setup...

I have even found new usages for your ladder locks. As a radon mitigation contractor, I am constantly lugging around different lengths of pipe for my jobs. Takes up a lot of space in the box of my truck. Even have to cut the 12' lengths of pipe down to 8' to be able to fit them in the truck.... NO MORE with the Hook-Um Dano Ladder Locks.... I now use your ladder locks to carry my pipe on the roof of my truck instead of inside the box. (see pictures attached).

I now have a lot of extra room inside the box of my truck for other materials and equipment.

Thank you for such a great product...

Marcel Brascoupe
MB Radon Solutions
Maniwaki, Quebec (Canada)

http://www.hookumdano.com/images/ladderlock20.jpg http://www.hookumdano.com/images/ladderlock22.jpg http://www.hookumdano.com/images/ladderlock16.jpg
http://www.hookumdano.com/images/ladderlock17.jpg http://www.hookumdano.com/images/ladderlock18.jpg http://www.hookumdano.com/images/ladderlock19.jpg

Click pictures to enlarge.


I never sent these when I first started using them over 2 years ago but was organizing my photos and came across these.
I now have a 24' extension with an 8' on the driver side and still use the 10' with a 6' on the passenger side. I use a 4' to reach either side. I can say after 2 years of being exposed to rain and snow and being outdoors 24/7, all I have had to do (recently) was spray WD-40 and remove a little rust on the threaded rod and clean the threads up. They still function good as new and I've never worried about them flying off my truck while on the expressway. I trust them much more than any elastic strap. I don't lock them, but stick a bolt in the lock hole as a safety precaution.

Thanks again for a great product.

Kyle Folger
West Shore Media Systems LLC

Click pictures to enlarge.

http://www.hookumdano.com/testimonial-West Shore Media-1.jpg http://www.hookumdano.com/testimonial-West Shore Media-2.jpg (217010 bytes) http://www.hookumdano.com/testimonial-West Shore Media-3.jpg (171944 bytes)


I have one holding two A frame ladders and another holding a single extension ladder. We always use a combination of ratchet tie downs and bungee cords. What a mess and takes for ever to load and secure. This was much easier. Thanks again.

Riverside, CA

Testimonial Hook-um Dano Ladder Locks


While pulling into the garage with my Hook-Um's firmly securing my window cleaning ladders, I heard a loud noise and it took all of 1/4 second to realize I pulled in too fast and the J-bolt caught the tip of the garage door and got pretty bent up. I was besides myself knowing I have some jobs coming up soon, but after giving Dan a call, he was so nice to send a new Jbolt 2nd day air! I am truly thankful for his great service and will always recommend his product to all those I know that use ladders.

Jeff Kim
Skokie, IL.


Thanks for the great service in sending the two ladder locks to me when I was in New York working Hurricane Sandy claims!

I did not feel comfortable driving at 70 mph and juggling through traffic with just one ladder lock, (on each ladder) so I ordered those to make sure everything was stable. With four ladder locks on the van, I now feel like I could turn it over and the ladders would stay in place--
I might not.

Dave Kaiser

Testimonial Hook-um Dano Ladder Locks Testimonial Hook-um Dano Ladder Locks Testimonial Hook-um Dano Ladder Locks


I very seldom take the time to write about a particular product, but your ladder locks are exceptional. I own a handyman business and carry a variety of ladders on my truck (6', 8', 12' step ladders and a 24' extension ladder). For years I tried a number of different solutions to secure the ladders to my ladder rack; bungee cords would last about one summer before deteriorating to the point where they became a safety hazard and they took an inordinate amount of time to access them and then re-secure them to my satisfaction. Rubber trucker's bungees had the same problem as did the nylon ratchet straps I tried. I purchased two Hook-Um Dano ladder locks and could not be more satisfied. The ladders are easy to access and easy to secure as well as greatly reducing the rattling of the ladders when under way and the powdercoat finish has held up well through the winter. My thanks to you for designing and manufacturing a fine Made in the USA product.

Testimonial from Fix It Joe Mac LTD for Hook-um Dano Testimonial from Fix It Joe Mac for Hook-um Dano

Best Regards

Joe Macaluso
West Chester, OH

I got mine a couple weeks ago. Serious peace of mind when I'm flying along at 70. My Ladders are more secure than my mirrors! 

Bradley Bolt



Your Hook-Um Dano Ladder clamp is as great as it is simple. I was hesitant to order something with a goofy a name as your product but I'm glad I did! No more ladder rattles and no more wet straps or bungee cords. PHENOMENAL is the best word to describe the product. I'll be ordering a second soon and probably one as a gift for Christmas. Thanks and please invent more cool stuff because I'll buy it.

Mark Helbig
Home Inspector,
Phoenixville, PA


I want to take this opportunity to commend you for making available the Hook-Um Dano Ladder Locks I purchased.  As I told you when I ordered them for my truck, they came highly recommended from a fellow nuisance control contractor who had been using them for several years. I am indebted to him for his advice and since the day I put them on, I have had absolute confidence when I drive down the road my ladders are going to stay where they belong.  I often get comments and questions at gas stations from other guys who haul ladders on their trucks and I always tell them that its the best money they can spend in their business if they must haul ladders.  I use a little step stool to put them on and take them off and its amazingly quick and efficient for me. 

Thanks Dan for a product that performs "as advertised", which in the real world, is often not the case. 

Jim Lawrence
Catch 'Em 4U Wildlife Control, LLC \ owner

Hi Dan,

I use my ladder mainly for Commercial Real Estate and Architectural Photography, which means I sometimes have to load and unload my ladder some four, five times per session/building.

I wanted to let you know that my ladder is securely attached to the roof rack. The Ladder Lock works great and especially fast. Because my car is only 2.10 meters high, I do not have to get onto the roof rack to secure a ladder over its full width, which saves a lot of time. Besides the absence of the rattling of a ladder above me while driving on brick roads and over speed bumps, I can now simply shove the ladder onto my roof rack and secure it safely and ready to drive in little over 10 seconds.

Digitale Fotografie 1. hookumdano.com

Digitale Fotografie 2. hookumdano.com

Digitale Fotografie 5. hookumdano.com

Digitale Fotografie 6. hookumdano.com

Photo's Courtesy of Frank van der Pol | Digitale Fotografie

Frank van der Pol
Digitale Fotografie
Utrecht, Netherlands 


Great Product. Using to transport ladders for casual use is now a snap.

Scott Skiba

Margate, NJ. 


Your design is simple, but effective.  I like the simplicity and the fact that there is virtually nothing that can be damaged or destroyed easily. Thanks, we will be buying more.

Bob Rose, President, 
Southern States Contractors, Inc.


Thanks for the Hook-UM Dano Ladder Locks. I run a Residential Window Cleaning Business in Nashville , TN. I stack my 8 ft. Werner on top of my 24ft. Werner extension ladder and screw down the ladder locks to my racks on my Toyota 4 runner within 5 minutes it’s that easy. The product is safe, and convenient. I am very interested in becoming a distributor in my area as well. Thanks to your product my business is prospering.

Warmest Regards,
Craig Bohlman
All Clear Window Cleaning
Nashville, TN

Thanks for coming up with a simple yet effective way to secure my ladders,works great.

Thanks again
Greg Brozovich
Half Moon Bay, CA

I looked far and wide for simple & efficient ladder locks. I have a simple Jeep Liberty with factory roof rails, not a standard contractors van, and they worked out fantastic. Whether full time or part time ladder user, they fit all requirements I looked for.

Leonard Shiffrin

I have been using the Hook-Um Dano ladder locks for about six months now. I am a contractor and had been searching "forever" for a "simple" but "effective" way to secure my ladders to my construction trailers. After using these locks, I discovered my search was over - simply the easiest, most effective and ECONOMICAL solution on the market today!

Boyd Headrick
Headrick Construction
Gibson City, IL

The service was great. I even ordered three too many ladder locks and they reimbursed me 2 days later with the money all the way to Vermont. 

Kyle Haggerty

I ordered two HookUm Dano Ladder Locks about a month ago and they are fabulous. A real time saver and worth every cent.

Earl Katz

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